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The two-day course will be led by a mix of Futurex and VirtuCrypt professionals. The individuals below will be facilitating the product presentations and lab exercises throughout the training. In addition to answering questions regarding the Futurex and VirtuCrypt product suites, as thought leaders in the data security industry they will share insights surrounding payments, security, trusted identity, and more.

Adam Cason — Director of Product Marketing

Mr. Adam Cason leads the Futurex and VirtuCrypt brands as the Director of Product Marketing. In this role, Mr. Cason presents industry-leading data security solutions to executive audiences around the world, in addition to being directly involved in both the virtual content and marketing strategies Futurex’s product suite. He holds a strong technical background and deep knowledge of the Futurex product suite, having originally joined Futurex as a Solutions Architect.

David Close — Solutions Architect Group

Mr. Close leads Futurex’s Solutions Architect team where he uses his industry knowledge and cryptographic expertise to develop enterprise architectures for applications related to PKI, symmetric key management, cryptographic processing, and financial environments. His leadership has been key in expanding the Solutions Architect team to allow for global project success. More

An expert in cryptographic processing, mission-critical systems support and resolution, financial application product knowledge, and TR-39 (TG-3) and PCI audit preparation, Mr. Close is a Certified TG-3 Auditor.

Khang Ma — Sr. Project Manager, CISSP, CTGA

In his role as VirtuCrypt Chief Solutions Architect, Mr. Khang Ma, leads VirtuCrypt’s web applications and Solutions Architect teams. He works directly with global, Tier One organizations to prepare and integrate their environments with VirtuCrypt’s Hardened Enterprise Security Cloud. He holds particular expertise in certificate and registration authority design, implementation, and audit preparation. Khang is fluent in both English and Vietnamese, and he is CTGA and CISSP certified.

Ryan Smith — VP, Global Business Development, CTGA

Mr. Ryan Smith brings over fifteen years of industry experience as Futurex’s Vice President for Global Business Development. While at Futurex, he has worked with numerous Tier 1 and Fortune 500 organizations around the globe, particularly in the Asia-Pacific, North America, EMEA, and the Latin America regions. His expertise in designing scalable, versatile, and secure core cryptographic infrastructures has been instrumental in the installation of Futurex solutions in some of the largest electronic device manufacturing sites in the world. More

Mr. Smith is a certified TR-39 (CTGA) auditor for both TR-39 Part 1: Symmetric Key Management and TR-39 Part 2: Asymmetric Key Management. He also represents Futurex on numerous industry standards bodies, including Accredited Standards Committee X9 and the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC).

Maurizio Greco — Solutions Architect

Maurizio Greco is a CTGA-certified member of the Solutions Architect team at Futurex. He draws on extensive expertise in the Global Payment Technology industry, including electronic payments and financial transactions through high-security end-to-end electronic payment solutions and services for banking institutions and electronic payment providers. He also has an in-depth background in Networking POS/Transaction infrastructure design, system integration and implantation, and technology consulting and migration.

Scott Spiker — Trusted Payment Security Consultant

Scott Spiker is a payment security professional with 34 years’ experience in the credit and debit card payments industry. Scott started his career in 1985 with American Express as a Point of Sale network analysis, back in the days when P.O.S. terminals were authorization only, credit cards were imaged on paper using zip zap machines, affectionally known as knuckle busters. There he led the design and implementation of the American Express Point of Sale electronic draft capture project that brought Hypercom to the United States that launched Hypercom to becoming a global electronic payments company. More

In 1993 Scott joined Hypercom and became Hypercom’s PIN security expert responsible for the design and implementation of devices capable of PIN entry. He actively participated in the hardware and firmware engineering efforts of every product and was responsible for all device compliance including EMV and PIN. Scott also lead the development and implementation of the industry’s first PKI based remote key loading facility which included a manufacturer’s Certificate Authority issuing CA and key loading device certificates as well as online signing of security payment devices certificates.

In 2008 Scott left Hypercom and created a startup company that designed and developed the industry’s first fully compliment PCI Unattended Payment Terminal (UPT) that was listed an approved PCI OEM PED without a cardholder display. This device could be used with any high definition monitor or television. This meant the implementer could use any size display for the payment device and still maintain PCI PED compliance.

Scott is an active member of X9, the ANSI accredited standards organization for the financial industry where he recently served 7 years as chair of the working group X9F6. He is considered an industry expert in PIN and card data security and cryptographic key management.

Mark Cooper — President & Founder, PKI Solutions Inc. - @ThePKIGuy

Mark B. Cooper, is a former Microsoft Senior Engineer and subject matter expert for Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS). Known as “The PKI Guy” at Microsoft for 10 years, he traveled around the world supporting PKI environments for Microsoft’s largest customers. He focused on supporting security solutions for Fortune 500 companies and acted as their Trusted Advisor in all things PKI. He is a Microsoft MCT, charter member of the Microsoft Certified Master – Directory Services program, Microsoft Security MVP, and has held the MCSE accreditation for over 20 years. Upon leaving Microsoft, Mark founded PKI Solutions Inc. and now focuses on providing PKI consulting and training services.

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Santos Campa — Regional Business VP, Enterprise Sales LAC

Santos Campa, a payments and electronic device manufacturing industry veteran, serves as the Regional Business VP for Enterprise Sales in Latin America and the Caribbean for Futurex. Based at Futurex’s Mexico City office, Mr. Campa builds strong relationships in the region and provides customers in Latin America customized solutions to satisfy the most vigorous compliance and security requirements. His technology expertise includes designing hardened security infrastructures, electronic payments, certificate/PKI management, hardened cloud security, and Point of Sale key injection.

John Rios — Solutions Architect, CTGA - Futurex

As a versatile and experienced CTGA- accredited Solutions Architect, Mr. John Rios faithfully serves the Latin American and Caribbean markets. His expertise in Latin America is backed by his time leading numerous on-site product trainings, providing product support, and offering professional services to those in the region. He holds particular expertise in direct key injection environments. Mr. Rios is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Connor Smith — Solutions Architect

Connor Smith is a CTGA-certified member of the Solutions Architect team at Futurex. He has several years of experience at Futurex and additional experience in Hardware Engineering. Connor's background in Electrical and Computer Engineering allows him to comprehend complex concepts quickly and design unique cryptographic solutions to meet the needs of any organization.

Tim Weston — Sr. Business Development Executive

Tim Weston brings a wealth of payments security knowledge from the Manufacturing, Retail, and Petroleum verticals to his role as Sr. Business Development Executive at Futurex. With extensive experience in the development and commercialization of secure payment solutions supporting PCI PTS and PA-DSS compliance, and EMV readiness/deployments in North America, Tim has participated in numerous industry standards organizations including: the PCI Security Standards Council, US Payments Forum, Conexxus, and the ANS X9F Data & Information Security Committee, to help clients secure their most sensitive data. Tim has also been awarded multiple patents for encryption and authentication systems during his tenure with leading fuel dispenser manufacturers. Before Futurex, he provided encryption oversight as a Signal Corps officer in the Army Reserve and National Guard.

Chris Brown — Solutions Architect

Chris Brown is a CTGA-certified member of the Solutions Architect team at Futurex. With over 20 years of experience in Solutions Architecture, he assists in the design and deployment of customized cryptographic solutions. He has an educational background in Electrical Engineering for the US Navy and an MBA from St. Mary’s University. He specializes in system administration, project management, base sales installation, and solutions deployment across all major industries.

Drake LeSage — Solutions Architect

Drake LeSage is a CTGA-certified member of the Solutions Architect team at Futurex. As a Solutions Architect, he provides in-depth customer support for all Futurex and VirtuCrypt related questions. With multiple security certifications and an extensive background in electrical engineering, Drake has a keen mind for problem solving and proven experience providing solutions to some of the most complex problems cryptography has to offer.

Nicholas Van Duyn — Chief Solutions Architect, CTGA

Mr. Van Duyn, a CTGA accredited expert in international EMV transactions, certificate authority, and PKI, and regulatory compliance, will take attendees into the technical world of cryptography with hands-on labs and product demonstrations. Mr. Van Duyn has designed and implemented CA and RKL environments for some of the largest organizations worldwide.