Futurex and BIO Security Forum 2019

Octubre 16, 2019 / Lima Central Tower, Lima, Perú

Enterprise Security Trends

Are you prepared to take advantage of the latest industry trends, technologies, and compliance requirements? This summit provides both the industry specific skills necessary to aid in both the day-to-day and long-term operation of cryptographic technology, as well as guidance to maximize the long-term ROI for your data security infrastructure.

In addition to the presentations and seminars delivered by Futurex's industry experts, this event will also provide the opportunity to network and learn from your peers throughout the industry. Come prepared to learn and share your own knowledge about how your organization has been able to overcome its most sophisticated data security challenges.

Industry Best Practices

This lecture series, led by our team of industry experts, allows participants to gain in-depth knowledge of emerging trends in the data security industry. Organizations are introduced to the latest security best practices and tactics, all of which can be applied to enterprise-level cryptographic environments in a standards compliant and secure manner.

Attendees will build an advanced understanding of regulatory compliance best practices, along with engaging in dialogue regarding emerging industry trends. This provides actionable skills and competencies for attendees to build the confidence needs to be their organization's cryptographic expert.